Swillbrook Boatyard

We lead...by example.


Over the last two decades, we have helped many individuals, marketing execs, and business owners, from the food industry, in particular, build and manage their brands.


We've transformed, positioned, designed, and crafted to help keep your companies and products at the top of their game.

As an owner-managed business, Twentythree04 has, of course, given us a firsthand commercial grounding and a hands-on brand managing experience of our own. And now we're taking a walk on the other side of the fence with an expansion into something you could probably describe as 'left of field' (left of quite a few fields as it happens and also a canal towpath).

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Swillbrook™ Boatyard

is set to open in the summer of 2021.​

View from bridge 32

Creative briefings will definitely be more relaxed and enjoyable in our new surroundings.

To see what we're doing in this fabulous new location and with the Swillbrook™ brand, head over to:

Swillbrook Boatyard

Crayons, craft, and curios.


An investment into our own studio, workshop, and warehousing facility in 2019 delivered an unexpected bonus by coming complete with a cafe and marine business.

Gradually we're transforming and shaping this new enterprise into a warm and welcoming location to house the creative and build services that have been the core of our success to date.

The Boathouse is now our registered office and will be home to our new design studio and workshop.​


Under the Swillbrook™ brand, this rural, waterside setting will also offer a licensed cafe bar - with artisan food, specialty gins, and craft ales.


Interior boat fit-out specialising in dutch barges and narrowboats will be amongst our marine services and investment into two brand-new narrowboats last year, which means we will now also be offering holiday narrowboat hire in addition to mooring services.


Future plans include an expansion of the studio into an artist's gallery complete with a shop for Crafts and Curios.

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