We build our own bespoke concepts.


Whether it's a simple piece of furniture, a point of purchase display cabinet, or a full-scale construction, we take our ideas off the drawing board and bring them to life in trade shows, retail environments, and interiors - including boats! (see Swillbrook™ Boatyard for more information on boat fit-outs).


With our workshop in the boathouse below the studio, crafting exhibitions, interiors, and other slightly less conventional creations is all done in-house.

Over the years we've made some real conversation pieces. When it comes to exhibitions, it doesn't have to be big - interest and stand-out comes in all shapes and sizes.

Please note: Following the interruptions forced upon the world by the Covid 19 Pandemic, most trade show activity was postponed or moved online.

We also offer a digital trade show graphics service for those who take up this option.

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Exhibition & Interior

Our services include:

Design, Planning & Build for Exhibitions, Stage Sets, Retail Interiors and Commercial Spaces.

Bespoke furniture, fixtures and small scale display or presentation solutions.

Boat fit-outs

(Go to Swillbrook Boatyard >)

Trade show pop-up cafe

With our in-house designers, workshops, and a master carpenter on the team, creating a show-stopping experience for you is just one click away.


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Just as the brands we create are all about originality and differentiation, there is nothing mass-produced or generic about our builds.

Got a project you need help with? Call and talk it through - or email some details and we'll give you an idea on costs.


From strategy to production we'll help you get the brand you need  


Need to start or influence a conversation or maybe generate product videos?


Looking for help with a graphic design, illustration or photography project?


Do you want people to experience your brand in the physical?

The Galley Cafe at Swillbrook Boatyard
Cafe Interior
The Outdoor Kitchen