Photograph: Justin Gardner


Bespoke Photography and unique illustration

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Art Commissions

Our world: Fast, instant and often dismissed in a breath. Us mere mortals have become very adept at tuning out stuff that doesn't grab or disrupt our thoughts from the get-go.

People make snap decisions...


Our brains are tuned into seeing and interpreting an image far faster than we can read words, which means that we'll see and make a judgement on something subconsciously before we even fully understand it.

It takes human being just 0.1 seconds to form a lasting impression of another's safe to assume therefore that image, above all else, must deliver the goods.

Make it more distinctive - keep it aligned with only your brand by going bespoke. 

Generic images don’t work hard enough for you and royalty free is only acceptable up to a point…(sometimes that point can be when a competitor is using the exact same royalty free image).

A few bespoke images are far better than multiple generic royalty free shots, or worse, amateur digital images taken by 'somebody let loose in the office with a camera' - often the latter route is actually damaging especially if the results are poorly lit, blurred or low resolution. If people make form that opinion about your brand in 0.1 seconds, you definitely don't want it to be 'amateurs' 'cheap imitation' or 'yuk, food looks off'.


Because commissioning bespoke photography or illustration can be a costly process, we offer it as an in-house service and are able to control the costs internally to suit your budget.


You will also benefit from:

  1. The image or images beginning with a concept and strategy.

  2. We keep everything on brand and protect your investment in your assets

  3. If you don't have a strategic directive or tone for your photography, we help you to develop one.

  4. Achieving bespoke and unique shots that you definitely won't find on a royalty free website or in your competitors marketing.

  5. You won't pay twice - you will be free to use the images again and again.

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Image by Justin Gardner
Image by Susie George
Image by Justin Gardner