Our approach to FEES


We believe there should be no barriers to working with us so we’re very upfront about money. Our aim is to help with budget planning and cost effectiveness. We’re very flexible when it comes down to it. We’ve created several budgeting options to ease the purchasing of our expertise.

Daily timesheets are maintained by all of our designers and artists, with all project time captured and available to view throughout the process. We have separate rates for the degree and skill level required for each piece of work or example artwork, exhibition build and research is charged at a lower rate than strategic planning and design concepts.

Credit retaining accounts

If you wish to manage everyday budgets with major projects and spread your costs over the year, we encourage payment by a credit retaining account and for this option, hourly fees will be offered to you at a lower rate than normal, for your loyalty. The terms and monthly fee would be agreed in advance and itemised time sheets produced weekly for transparency and flexibility) this route is typically 25% cheaper than a pay as you go option.

Pay as you go

This is our standard 'walk on fare' and is calculated at a higher rate than the credit retaining account but allows you to purchase expertise intermittently. Particularly useful if your creative and strategic needs are not a daily or weekly requirement.

Fixed Fee

For this option an upper limit or project budget can be agreed in advance. The fixed fee approach requires absolute planning of the project upfront and the work parameters would be stringent. We would work with you to make sure the aim of the project is met and the objectives are realistic for the budget available. A none-refundable advance deposit may also be required for first time clients, following agreement of the work scope and timescales. This route is particularly useful for avoiding spiralling costs and for clients unfamiliar in purchasing creative services.

Call today for more information on budget planning and special rates.