We stop traffic

Our services include:

Design, Planning & Build for Exhibitions, Stage Sets, Retail Interiors and Commercial Spaces.

Bespoke and small scale display or presentation solutions.

Events, Exhibitions and Commercial Interiors can be some of the most expensive arenas on which to promote your brand. The realestate itself draws a hefty figure before any design takes place and just turning up with a couple of roller banners and a tablecloth or plonking out some wooden crates and a deckchair or two, really isn't going to cut it. 


Because we start from the ground up with brand strategy, have our own in-house design workshops and a master carpenter / cabinet maker on the team, creating a show stopping experience is a lot more straightforward under our one roof - and definitely financially more palatable than using separate brand strategists, designers, build and promotion teams.


Whether our clients spend £3k or £300k, their stands never get overlooked.

Just as the brands we create are all about differentiation, there is nothing mass produced or generic about our exhibitions or interiors.

Got a project you need help with? We can design and build you a unique, impactful stand to a tight deadline if necessarily - and always cost effectively.

Call today if you'd like to find out how to stop traffic and transform a space for dramatic effect, engagement and promotion, whilst curbing the dent on your pocket.