About us - 2304

With a firm conviction that strategic brand design is so much more than just ‘wallpaper’, Twentythree04 was launched on St George’s day 23.04.2003, by experienced consumer brand strategist and designer Susie George.


We prides ourself on ‘visual intelligence’ with the ability to create ingenious, original, full strategic brand concepts, that truly embody the company, the person or the products they represent.


THE GEORGE THING: The story behind our brand


If we don’t have a great story ourselves, how can we possibly help you with yours, right? Enter centre stage; Saint George

You could say St. George wasn’t so much chosen as our figurehead as he naturally selected us. Not only as our founders namesake but also for his strong redeeming qualities.

Renowned throughout history and across the globe, our Saint stands for freedom of expression, helping those less fortunate, tolerance of other people’s beliefs, kindness and standing up for what you believe to be right…values we wholeheartedly embrace in life and through our work.

Your Metaphorical



St George is infamous for his battle with a troublesome fiery dragon...


Now we’re a peaceful bunch here at 2304 and not so much into the violent slaying of ancient legends. Instead we choose to use the dragon as a metaphor for a brand or creative puzzle requiring our lateral brainpower.


We transform your dragons into strength and bravery to bring you good fortune - a richer brand.

Work that WORKS

Our work has helped many companies win awards, win repeat business, develop new business and build relationships
with customers.


Twentythree04 has found a natural affinity developing and promoting brands particularly in FMCG and Corporate Enterprises. The design agency has specialised in these fields using market insight and creativity to provide a truly incomparable service for its clients.

Impact at every brand touchpoint

What makes us different from other agencies is our artistic intuition and visionary analysis. We explore the possibilities, craft artistry and insight into our solutions and work exceptionally hard to put forward brands with better consumer connectivity and depth.


Our understanding of brand and the power of those connections enables us to create impact at every touchpoint.


Expertise and specialism

Twentythree04 is unusual in its set up. We’re strategic brand designers, with a full time master craftsman and cabinet maker on the team.

We love to showcase brands from business cards to habitat, which includes exhibition and interiors, and have established a studio and workshop in order to facilitate this in-house. This gives us true control of the total design outcome and ensures nothing gets lost in translation.



Meet George

our studio mascott